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Our job is to enhance your life…

It’s easy to see our work as simply remodeling and painting, but it can be so much more. We want our work to make our client’s lives better by keeping their house their dream home.

This could be anything from opening up floor space in the kitchen to painting the exterior a new color. Whether the reason is to accommodate a growing household or adjusting to a change in style, we want to help make it perfect for you.

We’re here to help enhance your life and your home, just let us know how.

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Rea Construction has been extremely helpful for me and my clients, especially during time-sensitive situations. They are reliable and consistently deliver superior quality work. I would recommend them to anyone…

Kayt G., East Hampton, NY


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We Want To Help You Find The Right Remodeler

Finding the perfect remodeling or construction company can be difficult. We all do similar jobs, but in some way, we are all a bit unique.

Whether it be in materials, services, or experience, each home remodeler brings something different to the table. What we bring: helping you find your perfect company, even if it isn’t us. We’re ok with this because all we want is for you to have your dream home.

Whatever your specific case may be, we want to help you complete your home.

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