3 Main Improvements That Can Increase A Hamptons’ Home Value

You know your home can be better, but you may not yet have a solid idea on how you can get it there. Narrowing down the ideas list can be the hardest part.

That’s when you can get stuck.

Stuck between choices where the decision seems like it will go in any number of ways. This can get annoying very quickly as time passes and nothing happens.

You don’t have to go through this.

As home remodelers and constructionists, we get a behind-the-scenes view of what can actually work to increase home value. You can use our knowledge to get past that stuck stage and into the part where you start getting the improvements to increase your home value.

Completed back deck project in Easthampton New York

This deck actually improved the home value in more than one way. Not only did it’s selling value increase, but it also became more valuable to the client.

They now use this deck to host backyard BBQ’s and entertain friends and family.

So whether you want to increase the monetary or personal value of your home, we know of 3 main ways you can do it for your home in the Hamptons.

Let’s start with the biggest part of your home.

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1. Making The Walls Look Like New

You can transform your home by redecorating the walls, inside and out.

Your exterior can look so new that you may accidentally drive past it the first time, especially if you use this #1 exterior paint brand. No more fading paint, cracks, or an older looking house.

You can try installing new siding if you want to fully commit to redoing your exterior. It’s also a great time to fix any damages you or a crew might find.

Popular color choices for the Hamptons include shades of gray and beige: