5-Part Small Kitchen Remodel In The Hamptons

Do you love the look of your kitchen?

This client of ours certainly didn’t like theirs. In fact, they were kind of embarrassed by it.

The kitchen style was out-of-date, the appliances were old, and it was past due for a makeover in general.

It was a worn-and-torn kitchen.

So they took action and decided to have their small kitchen remodeled, bringing it into the present.

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Before picture of a small kitchen in the hamptons in need of renovation
Before Small Kitchen Remodel
After picture of a newly renovated kitchen in the hamptons looking amazing
After Small Kitchen Remodel

That’s when they called Rea Pro Construction (that’s us!).

We’ve had clients in similar positions call us before, so we knew just what to do.

Let’s follow the journey of this homeowner’s 5-part small kitchen remodel.

You might even get some ideas for your own kitchen remodeling.

1. Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers

The more storage space you have the better.

Cooking utensils seem to pile up after a while and suddenly you have 14 different pots and nowhere to put them.

Not a problem for this client.