9 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You’ll Want To Install Right Now

Your Neighbors In East Hampton, New York, And The Surrounding Area Are Using These Bathroom Lighting Ideas In Their Homes Right Now

You need to have great lighting in your bathroom. If you don’t, it won’t look nearly as incredible as it should, and you won’t be able to see yourself when getting ready for your day or an event.

In this post, you can discover the main light sources in bathrooms. You can also find nine ideas for lighting your bathroom.

Open concept bathroom with skylight and recessed light bathroom lighting ideas

What Are The Main Light Sources In Bathrooms?

1. Natural lighting from the sun

Natural light is one of the best ways to brighten any room.

It makes bathrooms look amazing, especially the modern ones with their brighter colors. You’ll also love natural lighting because it requires no energy! This is one of the bathroom lighting ideas that can help reduce your energy bill.

Natural light also resonates well with people because sunlight physically makes you happier. We get sad when we don’t get enough sunlight, hence seasonal depression. A little serotonin boost is a great way to start any morning!

2. Ceiling or wall lighting

You’ll also want light bulbs for when the sun isn’t out.

Ceiling lights are either recessed in or hanging from the ceiling. Recessed lights are great because they can make a bathroom feel larger. You can use hanging lights to make your bathroom feel fancier.

Wall lights stick out from the wall. They’re ideal if you want to add more light to a bathroom. You mostly see wall lights above or beside vanity mirrors.

9 Wonderful Bathroom Lighting Ideas

1. Windows for natural light

You can choose from different types of windows and glass.

Many people are using picture windows because they’re large, which means they give a great view and let in a lot of natural light. You can always get opaque windows if you don’t want a clear window. You’ll often find them by the shower, bathtub, or toilet.

2. Skylights for a fun way to get natural light

You may end up loving the skylight the most out of all these bathroom lighting ideas.

They give you a fantastic view while also letting in a lot of natural light. You look up and see the sky, whether it’s clear and blue or cloudy or stormy. Can you imagine how relaxing it is to look up and see the sky while you bathe?

3. Recessed lights are great for brightness

Recessed lights are one of the best ceiling lights. 

They don’t take up headspace, which can help your bathroom appear more spacious. Most come with a dimmer switch that allows you to set the brightness to what you want.

4. Pendant lights add a bit of elegance

If you want a more elegant feeling for your bathroom, pendant lights may be what you need.

These classy light fixtures hang down from your ceiling, usually over your vanity. There are many pendant lighting ideas, and you can choose from a wide array of designs and colors so it fits with your style.

5. LED strip lights for more fun

This is one of the more fun bathroom lighting ideas.

You won’t see the actual strips because contractors disguise them pretty well. They can go under cabinets, around the ceiling, or around any bathroom furniture. You can change the color with some brands if you want to create a different vibe!

6. Chandeliers for fanciness

This is the fanciest, most elegant ceiling lighting fixture choice. 

Chandeliers look amazing and are a unique lighting fixture for bathrooms. The only place we cannot put them is over bathtubs, and that’s for safety reasons.

7. Above the mirror lights are traditional

You’ve seen this idea in most bathrooms.

This is a more traditional way to light a bathroom. Lights above the mirror cast light on your face so you have a more accurate idea of how you look. But, they also cast shadows that disrupt this.

8. Behind or on the mirror lighting for a touch of modern

This is one of the best bathroom lighting ideas for helping you see yourself better.

You can put a strip of light along the outer face of your mirror. Since the light is pointing right at you, there’s virtually no shadow on your face. This makes it easier to get ready in the morning because you have a better idea of how you look.

9. Wall Sconces

This is another fancy touch you can add to your bathroom.

Wall sconces can go either above the mirror or on the sides. Putting them on either side gives you better lighting for seeing yourself because it casts fewer shadows on your face.

Get The Best Lighting Using These Bathroom Lighting Ideas

You need to have great lighting in your bathroom so you can love and get the most out of it. It can change your experience for the better.

If you want to talk about your bathroom remodeling project in more detail, contact us! You can also find more information on our bathroom remodeling page.

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