Bathroom Pictures And Ideas You’ll Love For Your Remodel

People In Easthampton, New York, And The Surrounding Areas Are Using These Bathroom Pictures And Ideas To Create A Bathroom They Can Truly Love

You can use these pictures to find inspiration for your own bathroom remodeling project. This is a great way to make sure you get a bathroom that meets your needs and looks how you want it to.

In this post, you can find out what people in Suffolk County are doing to upgrade and update their bathrooms.

Shower Ideas For Bathrooms

Modern bathroom picture and ideas with large shower

1. Larger showers

You don’t want to bathe in a shower that’s too small for you. Nobody likes feeling cramped in their shower. This is why larger showers are showing up more and more. You can even get an open-concept shower (it doesn’t have a separator like a door or a curtain).

2. Shower niches

We all hate balancing shower products on the edge of the bathtub. It’s either that or you have to put them on the floor (also not great). You can never have this problem again with a shower niche. It’s basically a cubby built into the wall. It’s one of the most fantastic and useful bathroom remodel ideas.

3. Shower benches

You have those days where you’re so exhausted you don’t even want to stand up anymore. Shower benches are ideal for those lazy days where you want a long shower but don’t want to stand the whole time. Contractors can build them into the shower wall (they look great!)

4. Rain shower heads

You’ll be closer to knowing what it’s like to shower in the rain with one of the best rain shower heads. It can also help you enjoy showering even more. The large, square shower head hangs down from the ceiling, mimicking rain. It makes for a more relaxing shower.

Lighting Ideas For Bathrooms

Bathroom with skylight over the bathtub and recess lighting

1. Chandelier

You may want to have a statement piece when it comes to lighting your bathroom. There’s not a much better way to do this than by installing a chandelier. You’ll be adding an elegant feel to your bathroom.

2. Recessed lights

Recessed lights go really well with statement pieces. You’ll see how they give even lighting without taking away from the statement piece. They also help bathrooms seem larger and more open because they don’t take up any space. You’ll need fewer fixtures to get as much light as you need.

3. Mirror lights

This is one of the coolest bathroom remodel ideas. You can install lights running along the edge of the face of the mirror. This gets rid of shadows, which gives you a more accurate view of what your face looks like. The lights can also go above or beside your mirror.

4. Skylight

This is definitely the most fun bathroom remodel idea. Skylights are great above showers and bathtubs because of the awesome view you get! Can you imagine watching the rain bounce off of and run down the skylight? Or watching the clouds roll lazily overhead as you soak in your tub?

Cabinet Ideas For Bathrooms

White bathroom cabinets after remodel

1. Beaded inset style

You might think they look like an upscale Shaker-style cabinet. There’s an extra detail that makes it look like your cabinets have a “frame within a frame”. The extra detail is a slight groove with rounded edges that go along the door or drawer. This is a great bathroom remodeling idea if you want a more modern look.

2. Painted cabinets

When it comes to the final look of people’s cabinets, they’re now choosing paints over stains. They want a lighter color, plus the wood look is fading out of style. Colors like whites and grays are very popular.

Vanity Ideas For Bathrooms

White floating vanity

1. Long vanities

Long, double-sink vanities are all the rage right now. you and your spouse will each have your own space for your stuff. No more having to share your precious counter space (or at least as much of it).

2. Floating vanities

These look really cool and they offer you more storage space. You anchor these vanities to the wall, making it look like they’re floating. There’s usually enough space underneath to put whatever you need. It’s a great feature that lends to a modern look.

Flooring Ideas For Bathrooms

Marble tile floor in bathroom

1. Ceramic or porcelain tile

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are some of the best materials for bathrooms. They have a high resistance to heat and humidity, meaning your bathroom floors will look great for a long time! There’s a wide variety of different designs and colors to choose from.

2. Marble

Marble is a material that looks amazing no matter where it is. It’s quite durable and will make your bathroom look elegant and beautiful. Each bathroom that uses marble has a different look because no one marble tile looks the exact same as another.

3. Luxury vinyl plank flooring

This material is less expensive than stone and other tile materials, but it still pulls its weight! It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, durable, and you can choose from a wide variety of styles. You can even have it look like other flooring materials.

Bathroom with the upper walls painted blue and the lower walls white

People in Suffolk County are mostly choosing shades of white, gray, and blue for their bathrooms. 

People relate white to cleanliness, which is exactly what you want to be when you leave your bathroom. It has a pure feeling to it that people like when cleaning.

Gray matches with any color, making it great for people who want to play with their color scheme. It’s also close to white, making it one of those “clean” colors.

People relate blue to water, which is a big part of bathrooms. Blue is also a calming color that can help people relax better in their bathrooms.

You Can Bring These Bathroom Remodel Ideas Into Your Home

These ideas are just waiting for you to use them! Your bathroom experience will be so wonderful you may lose track of time. It is supposed to be your oasis, after all.

You can start making this happen today by filling out our contact form! Or, you can check out our bathroom remodeling page for more information, like pricing.

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