Building 3 Amazing Decks For 1 Hamptons Home

If you lived by the ocean you’d want to have a great view of it, right?

The waves crashing on the sand, sunset reds and oranges painting the sky, and maybe even see a few pods of dolphins!

Sadly, that isn’t the case for our client here.

Birds eye view of home where rea pro construction will be building a deck

They’ve got windows for the view, but they can’t enjoy it from outside because they have no deck. The bottom floor is outside, but the only view is of plants.

Not only was there no good outdoor viewing, but there was also no good outdoor area either.

It’s hard to enjoy your home when it doesn’t fully meet your wants and needs.

Since our client wants to make the most of their home, including the view, they decide to make a change.

They choose deck installation to give them a better view and some outdoor space.

Let’s see what happens after they contract Rea Pro Construction to turn their house more into a home.

Building Deck #1

The ground floor deck is one of the best places to enjoy your outdoor space.

You can sit outside and enjoy the sun and air, host BBQ’s and parties, and enjoy being under the stars at night.

And that’s only a few benefits of a deck.

Our client wants to bring these benefits to their home, making a deck the perfect fit.

The deck may start off looking a little rough…

But in the end, it turns out amazing!

The boards are a grayish color perfect for hot or cold weather as they will neither feel too hot or cold beneath your feet.