How Much Does A Kitchen Cost To Remodel In The Hamptons?

How Much Does A Kitchen Cost To Remodel In The Hamptons?

Your Neighbors Are Investing This Much To Refresh The Look Of Their Kitchen So They Can Love It Again

People often ask us how much it will cost to remodel a kitchen.

In this post, you can find out how much it costs to remodel a kitchen in The Hamptons. You can also discover the main reasons the cost can change.

Our Kitchen Looks So… Old

“We need to freshen up the look of our kitchen,” says Liz suddenly.

Matt looks up from the news he’s reading on his phone. “What makes you say that?” Liz sighs, pointing around the kitchen. “The flooring is aging poorly, you can see the damages. It’s way darker in here than our friend’s kitchens too. The rest could use some work as well.”

“Yeah, their kitchens do look way better,” says Matt quietly. “We definitely need to update our floors to the best kitchen flooring. How much does a kitchen remodel cost in The Hamptons anyway?” he asks.

Liz shrugs. “Not sure. Why don’t you look it up on your phone since you have it out already.” Matt nods and starts searching Google.

Here’s what he and Liz find out:

How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost in The Hamptons?

Smaller open concept kitchen remodel

A kitchen remodel in The Hamptons usually costs between $45,000 and $120,000 and higher. A basic kitchen remodel costs around $45,000. The average kitchen remodel costs about $80,000. A high-end kitchen remodel starts at around $120,000.

A basic kitchen remodel can include cabinet refacing, a new kitchen backsplash, and new countertops.

An average kitchen remodel can include new custom cabinets with soft-close hinges, high-gloss quartz backsplash, granite countertops, new appliances, new lighting, and a new kitchen layout.

A high-end kitchen remodel can include high-end custom cabinets, marble countertops, a new farmhouse sink, new appliances, new flooring, new lighting, and a complete kitchen layout reconfiguration.

The Main  Reasons Kitchen Remodeling Costs Can Change

Open and modern kitchen

1. Your kitchen size. When there’s more to do and work with the cost to remodel a kitchen goes up. Larger kitchens tend to take more time, labor, and materials than smaller kitchens.

2. The extent of your project. You could just want new kitchen cabinets. That’s a smaller project which needs less time, labor, and materials. A complete kitchen remodel takes way more of those three, which increases the cost.

3. Your material and product choice. You can choose lower-end, average, or higher-end materials and products. It comes down to what you want for your kitchen. Higher-end materials tend to look better and last longer.

4. Your kitchen’s age. Older kitchens tend to need more updating, such as with plumbing and wiring. They also tend to have more damages. Newer kitchens don’t normally need this.

Wood kitchen remodel

5. The finishes you choose. You may want to repaint your walls or stain your cabinets. Anything that adds to the workload increases your kitchen remodeling cost.

6. If there are any damages. Hidden wood rot and water damage tend to pop up during kitchen remodels, especially for older kitchens. It’s best to fix them so they don’t cause more damage later on.

7. The appliances you choose. You can choose the newest and best appliances. They have some really cool features and can make the cooking way easier. They do come with a higher price tag for these benefits.

8. Upgrades. You could go from stock cabinets to custom or vinyl countertops to natural stone. It’s your kitchen, so as long as it fits in your budget we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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“Alright, what’s next?” asks Matt. Liz shrugs. “What else is on the blog you found? We can start there.” Matt nods and starts looking through the blog.