Ideas For Custom Kitchens You’ll Want To Have Right Now

White cabinet kitchen

Have you been wanting to create a beautiful kitchen for your home?

The best way to create a beautiful kitchen isn’t by choosing an IKEA kitchen. You can build your perfect space by going the custom kitchens route. Then, you can have a warm, welcoming kitchen that everyone who sees it will want.

But, what does your kitchen look like right now? It may look cramped, dark, and have an outdated color scheme. Your appliances may need an upgrade, or your kitchen needs a creative design that makes the layout work better for you.

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Ideas For Custom Kitchens You’ll Love

1. Cabinetry

Kitchen with full cabinet wall

This is the biggest and perhaps most important piece of any kitchen.

Cabinets are literally the biggest part of the kitchen because they occupy the most space. This is why they’re the most important part to get right, from color to storage.

Popular door styles are recessed panels, especially the more simple Shaker style. You can also choose glass cabinet doors, and the glass can be clear or opaque.

You’ll enjoy cabinets that have a baking pan organizer, plate divider, peg plate organizer, and a knife organizer for storage. You’ll also love corner cabinets because they allow you to make the most of your space.

When it comes to custom kitchens, you can even choose what knobs you want. Bars are more modern than knobs. The popular colors are brass, black, and silver.

2. Flooring

kitchen floor

Your flooring needs to be a mix of aesthetic, comfort, and durability.

Tile is usually the best kitchen flooring. It’s strong, moisture-resistant, and you can choose from many different colors and creative design styles. You can choose between porcelain and ceramic. Adding rugs is a good idea because tile isn’t the most comfortable to stand on for long periods of time.

You can also create a beautiful kitchen using luxury vinyl planks, oak, and bamboo.

3. Countertops for custom kitchens

Small kitchen with white cabinets, white island with quartz countertop, three gray chairs, wooden floor, and silver finish appliances.

Natural stone is the way to go.

Quartz and granite are the top of the line for kitchen countertops. They’re durable, have a beautiful and unique look, and resist many things that may damage them. You’ll want to be careful about putting hot pots and pans directly on either. Extreme heat can damage quartz and the sealant on granite.

As for colors, lighter countertops are fantastic because they help make kitchens look brighter and more welcoming.

4. Lighting

Custom kitchens have multiple types of lighting

You want a bright kitchen that looks welcoming and is easy to see in.

Recessed lights are incredible for this. You may need to install more of them than with other lighting styles, but they don’t take up any headspace. This makes your kitchen look more spacious. Plus, they light up rooms amazingly well.

You can also get hanging lights for over the island. Another fun creative design choice is under cabinet lighting. This can be for under the upper or lower cabinets.

5. Colors for custom kitchens

Modern custom kitchens have bright colors

As the heart of the home, kitchens should be welcoming places where people want to gather.

Lighter and more neutral colors help achieve this. They brighten rooms, helping people feel more welcomed and comfortable. These colors also make rooms feel cleaner, and kitchens are better when they’re clean! Overall, you’ll have a more beautiful kitchen.

Shades of white, gray, and beige are the more popular colors. You can also use light blue or even black for the cabinets.

Create The Kitchen You Know You Deserve

You can use these ideas to create your ideal kitchen. It’ll be exactly what you need to truly love your kitchen. It’ll have a look you love and function as you need it to so you can enjoy spending time there.

At Rea Pro Construction, we know how to take our client’s vision and make it a reality. We do this through our exceptional craftsmanship and customer-centric process. Contact us when you’re ready to talk about your kitchen remodel. Or, visit our kitchen remodeling process for more information.

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