Is Sherwin Williams Or Benjamin Moore Better For House Painting?

It’s best to use the best paint when painting the interior or exterior of your home.

In this post, you can find out which is best for house painting when it comes to Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams.


It Never Ends

“We might as well be arguing over whose football team is better,” Elizabeth sighs.

Matt frowns at her. “And just like my team is better, so is Benjamin Moore.” Elizabeth frowns back twice as hard. “You definitely just meant to say my team and Sherwin Williams are better.”

“Fine, let’s use Google to settle it,” says Matt. “We can look up if Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore is better for house painting.” He takes his phone out and starts looking on Google.

Here is what the couple discovers:

Is Sherwin Williams Or Benjamin Moore Better?

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are great paint brands to choose from. If you choose a lower-quality paint in either brand, it won’t look great. If you choose high-quality paint in either brand, it’ll look great! 

There may be slight differences in one product vs another but only a professional painter could tell.

Just buy higher-quality paint. You get what you pay for and if you buy cheap paint you’ll get a cheap paint job. Buy quality paint and you’ll get a quality finish.

Which Paint Brand To Use As A Pro vs A Homeowner

Pros look for a paint that:

  • Is consistent in how it flows off their brush and roller
  • Has a color tinting system that offers great coverage as well as consistent color
  • Has great support and knowledge from the people selling the paint

Homeowner’s look for a paint that:

  • Is self-priming
  • Covers well
  • Isn’t too costly

The best practice is to buy the brand that has the product that best fits your project and budget. We do recommend saving up to get better paint rather than paint with low-quality paint.

Why These Paint Brands Are The Best

Both of these brands have a wide selection of paints. There’s one for almost any painting job you may have.

They set big budgets for the research and development areas. This allows them to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to bettering their products.

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“So, we should look for a paint that matches our needs,” says Elizabeth. Matt nods. “Looks like it. We can do that and also poke around this blog some more, see what else we can learn about house painting.”