What Should I Know About Kitchen Cabinets Before Remodeling?

Long Island is home to many firsts and oldest: the first circus, oldest operating tavern, and many more. This state has a long and rich history that residents are proud to be a part of.

You should also feel proud of the kitchen you have in your Long Island home. One of the biggest parts of the kitchen is actually the kitchen cabinets. This means they attract more attention and thus need to look amazing.

This guide can help your kitchen cabinets look amazing by telling you the:

  • 2 main types of kitchen cabinets
  • 3 best kitchen cabinets for their prices
  • Costs of kitchen cabinet remodeling
  • Process for refacing kitchen cabinets


Let’s see what the two main types of kitchen cabinets are.

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The Best Kitchen Cabinets

What you should know right off the bat is there are 2 main categories separating kitchen cabinets: American (framed) or European (frameless).

American, or framed, cabinets are known for having:

  • A border around their drawers and cabinets
  • More durability due to this border
  • Adjustable shelving (normally)
  • Many design possibilities


European, or frameless, cabinets are known for having:

  • A more simple, contemporary design
  • Easier access
  • Usually adjustable shelving
  • Larger drawers


Now let’s look at 3 brands of kitchen cabinets for your Hamptons’ home.

Best Budget Kitchen Cabinets: 21st Century

  • Strong plywood siding
  • Soft close drawers
  • Dovetail drawers
  • Finished interior


Most budget cabinets are made from thin particleboard. They usually have limited variety in style and design, mostly centered around frameless.

Best Midrange Kitchen Cabinets: Fabuwood

  • Strong plywood siding
  • Wood veneer
  • Finished interior
  • Soft close drawers (optional upgrade)


Midrange kitchen cabinets have the same cons as budget cabinets. The real difference is they are more durable, are usually framed, and should come with more options.

Best Quality Kitchen Cabinets: Starmark

  • Strong plywood siding
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Amazing interiors
  • Many features to choose from


The best kitchen cabinets come with so many options they can seem custom made. Their premium materials drive the price up, but quality counts for a lot with kitchen cabinets.

You can check out their reviews on kitchenreviews.com

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The Costs Of Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

There is an average cost of getting your kitchen cabinets redone, but it may not be right for you. What really matters is what kitchen cabinets will allow you to love your kitchen.

If you want to know how much to budget for kitchen cabinets, try about 29%.

You can learn the rest of the budget breakdown for kitchen remodels

If you want the average cost of kitchen cabinets, it works better with a range rather than an average:

  •  Stock kitchen cabinets can cost $60-200 per linear foot
  • Semi-stock kitchen cabinets can cost $100-650 per linear foot
  • Custom kitchen cabinets can cost $500-1,200 per linear foot


These ranges are influenced by material, location, contractor, and other variables.

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Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets In Long Island

You could paint your kitchen cabinets, or you could reface them.

Refacing kitchen cabinets is much like much like wallpapering a wall. It basically means putting a new covering on them. The coverings are very thin pieces of decorative wood. Along with this comes new hinges, knobs, drawer coverings, and molding.

Here is an  step guide to refacing kitchen cabinets:

  1. Remove your cabinet doors and the drawer fronts
  2. Smooth and level the cabinet surfaces by sanding and with filler
  3. Degloss your cabinets if necessary with a de-glosser
  4. Use your straight edge and a utility knife to cut out the veneer to match the cabinets and drawers
    • cut out an extra 1/2 inch overhang
  5. Apply contact cement to the backs of the veneer and your cabinet doors
    • wait 15-20 minutes or until tacky to the touch
  6. Slowly tilt the veneer on using a roller
    • start with the sides, then vertical pieces, then horizontal pieces
  7. Use your utility knife to cut the overhang
  8. Smooth the overhang edges with your mill knife
    • move the file back and forth from veneer towards the cut
  9. Finish your cabinets with a nice coat of paint or stain

You can learn how to paint your Long Island kitchen cabinets for your finishing touch

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Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can have one of the best, most up-to-date kitchens on Long Island. The best way to start a kitchen remodeling project by refreshing your kitchen cabinets. Make them look amazing and the rest of the kitchen can seem to rise to their level.