This Is The Best Paint For Bathrooms

You can use the best bathroom paint to make your walls look amazing and stay that way for years.

Of course, you may have already been using the best paint for bathrooms. Well, the best one for when you did the project. With all the advances in paint, the best for any area of your home can change every few years. This means every time you want to repaint you may have to do some research to find the newest best one.

beautiful remodeled bathroom

But, what exactly is the BEST paint for bathrooms, and is there even such a thing? You sure can see it being sold!

Bathroom paint is one that is mold/mildew resistant and can withstand high heat and moisture. It should also be able to keep up with a lot of foot traffic.

You can find paint that fits this description, but that doesn’t mean your options are limited.

Here is the best type of paint to use for bathroom walls.

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The Best Bathroom Paint

The rule for the best bathroom paint is the shinier the sheen the easier to clean, plus it’s better at resisting moisture. Semi-gloss comes highly recommended for these reasons. Satin and eggshell paints are great for bathrooms that see less action. You can also use moisture-resistant primer and mold-resistant paint.

painting a wall with a roller

You shouldn’t have to paint your walls again until about 3-4 years down the line. With proper care, maybe even longer!

Of course, you can still use almost any type of paint for your bathroom.

Using a premium brand can allow you to clean your walls without harming them. You will need to keep a closer eye on them as they may need repainting earlier.

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Your Bathroom Walls Deserve The Best Paint

If your bathroom walls have the best paint, then you are on the way to having one of the best bathrooms in your neighborhood.

What would be your next bathroom project? Tell us in the comments below!